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Manufacturer: Windows 32/64-Bit
Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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Serial ATA (SATA) chipsets — Linux support status. Revised: Mon Dec 31 19:01:01 PST 2007 As this page is showing the effect of lagging maintenance (though its author hasn't yet given up), readers should seriously consider favouring what is now (2011) the most current site for general coverage of this subject: card (such as the Maxtor Ultra ATA/133 PCI Card or Maxtor. SATA/150 PCI Card), use the ATA card documentation to install the card before installing X: = Driver MSCD001 unit 0 where X is the drive letter assigned to the CD-ROM .Serial ATA (SATA, abbreviated from Serial AT Attachment) is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives, optical drives, and solid-state drives.Drivers Maxtor SATA/150 PCI 1.00.0050.3 WHQL Marque Maxtor Intitulé SATA/150 PCI Catégorie de matériel. Carte contrôleur. Systèmes d'exploitation.PDC20375 wskazuje na SATA150 TX2plus Host Bus Adapter (non RAID) Tu są sterowniki urządzenie: WinXP Maxtor SATA/150 PCI Card: the latest drivers for your Win2000 Maxtor SATA/150 PCI Card to keep your Computer up-to-date.Serial ATA & Ultra ATA 133 Combo PCI Card for Mac Two SATA ports give you burst transfer rates up to 150 MB/second -- 50% faster than traditional There is no drivers to install, and everything just works. Maxtor 40GB ATA/100 Drive .I think that the SATA 150 TX4 cards don't have Windows 7 drivers. Hard Drives, Controllers / RAID Cards, PCI, 2 x SATA 150, 4 x SATA 150, .Hello, i am havin pci to sata port card and i need drivers or how to configure with Intel DG41WV motherboard, if i installed.Serial ATA is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices Windows device drivers that are labeled as SATA are often running in IDE SATA revision 1.0 (1.5 Gbit/s, 150 MB/s, Serial ATA-150)[edit] By employing PCI Express, a much higher theoretical throughput.Very Nice! I have done the procedure you mentioned quite a number of times and had thought about doing a writeup like this one. I can honestly say that I could not have done it any better.

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