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GDL is a driver licensing system designed to teach teens to drive by gradually increasing their driving privileges as they advance through the system.

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A Class A driver’s license authorizes the holder to operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 lbs. or more. A Class B driver’s license authorizes the holder to operate a vehicle with a GVWR of more than 26,000 lbs. or a bus with a seating capacity of 24 passengers.

  • Here's a guide to special licenses in Michigan. On this page you'll find a general overview of some of the license classes and endorsements available.

  • Your Michigan Driver's License; Commercial Driver License (CDL) Commercial Driver License (CDL) Information about obtaining a CDL Information about obtaining a CDL. Who Needs a CDL? The requirements for operating a commercial vehicle. CDL Drivers: U.S. Citizenship or Legal Presence Documentation Required.

  • Driver License Class You May Drive: You May Tow: Exceptions; A. Any non-commercial vehicle. Any non-commercial trailer. Commercial Motor Vehicles Motorcycles. B. Any single or combination of non-commercial motor vehicles. Any non-commercial trailer. Commercial Motor Vehicles Motorcycles Combination of Class F (tractor) and Class G (trailer).

  • Prepare for your Michigan driver's license written exam with an online prep course. Study from home and pass the SOS knowledge.

  • SOS · Driver's License and State ID · Your Michigan Driver's License · Commercial Driver License (CDL) N - For No Class A and B passenger vehicle.

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Prior to 1986, any person with driver’s license could drive a commercial vehicle. The US Department of Transportation amended the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act in 1986 to weed out drivers who were unskilled for driving large commercial vehicles. Class A CDL, Class B CDL and Class C CDL. A reputable truck driving school.

Special Driver's Licenses in Michigan Depending on what type of vehicle you want to drive and what kind of driving profession you want to have, you may need to apply for a special license or endorsement through the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS).

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If you have a valid driver’s license from another state, the written knowledge and driving skills tests as well as the 30-day practice requirements may be waived. The Department of State will contact your previous home state to obtain your driving record, which then becomes part of your Michigan driving record.

The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) will issue you a temporary license to drive with until your enhanced driver's license arrives in the mail within 3 weeks. NOTE: You cannot use the temporary license as identification for travel to any other country.

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